A little bit about me



I love all things natural and I am completely fascinated by the wonders of nature and truly believe that our lands and the plant kingdom have the ability to to nourish and nurture us all if we treat them with respect, if we nourish and nurture them back. 

I grew up being cared for in a very natural way by people who relied on their land to sustain their existence. Naturally I learnt a lot from those formative years and they inform how I live now.  I was taught to respect and trust in nature from a very early age and the honest truth is I have not forgotten.  I followed the same rules when deciding to start Ntuka.

Essential oils have been a very big part of my life for some years now. I truly believe in their harmonious magic and I do hope that those that are generous enough to give Ntuka a go will experience their beauty that I so much enjoy and cherish. They are the back bone of all of the Ntuka blends.

Having the opportunity to work with plant oils, particularly with essentials oils is a truly exciting journey for me and the learning never stops. I am in a constant state of dreaming up new fabulous blends. When I do make them a tangible reality, I certainly will be delighted to share them with all of you. 


About Ntuka


Ntuka is a little collection of luxurious aromatic plant based blends inspired by ancient and modern aromatherapy practices of utilising our sense of smell and touch to bring harmony and nurturing to the entire body, mind and spirit.


Aromatic blends that are guided by a belief system that has complete trust in nature to provide all the answers for supporting long term skin health and our general long term well-being. 

​​​True and genuine aromatic oils are believed to posses the ability and potential to have a profound impact on our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being when safely incorporated into our daily rituals.


Ntuka is all about trusting in that divine and harmonious nature of these precious oils and without compromise, sourcing those that are treated with the utmost deserved respect from seed to bottle. I am beyond delighted to be able to share them with you all

"Our amazing sense of smell is more than just a physical function. It can transport us to a memory of another place and time and even to another mood. Through it we can interpret many thousands of aromas, often in an instant. It affects us all the time. Human beings have used to aromas for their positive effect on the mind and emotions for millennia",



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About the products



All of the products are hand blended in very small batches here in Bristol UK by me using certified organic and wild crafted ingredients.


Sourced from small communities of my beloved continent, Africa and other parts of the world by a few, carefully selected group of reputable traders who have many years of experience in sourcing the finest ingredients and over the years have developed strong relationships and partnerships with the communities that they trade with.

There is a committed emphasis on sustainability, fair trade and the welfare of their partners particularly in countries where everyday living can be a difficult challenge economically. Ntuka is proud to be a very small part of that commitment.


How it all began


The idea of starting Ntuka was triggered by an article about essential oils that I came across in Country Living Magazine sometime in 2017. I had been searching rather desperately for alternative employment since the birth of my youngest child in 2013 but that search kind of intensified then in 2017 when I became increasingly aware that I would have to go return to my old job which I really did not want to do.

I had already developed an obsession for essential oils by this time. An instant attraction that would become part of my everyday life. 


That article​ really shifted something in me. I felt a deep sense of connection and knew straight away that I had found what I had been looking for. I knew then that a door had opened for me that was never going to close. 

Months of research, experimenting and observing followed. With time, I derailed my fear of everything new and unknown and went on to build Ntuka as a legitimate business in 2018. ​

Like any small independent business, I do hope to grow, learn and develop Ntuka as a sustainable and conscious business that holds a special place in your daily rituals and hearts.